Hi, I’m Gila Pfeffer and thanks for stopping by!

I’m an American mother of 4 teens living in London. We moved here when the kids were 2, 4, 6 and 8 and if you think that was challenging, try doing that right after having a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction (like Angelina Jolie, but with way less media coverage), lymph node removal surgery, 8 rounds of chemo and then a bilateral oopherctomy, while trying to keep things normal for the kids.  Moving our family across an ocean was a breeze in comparison.  I’m a breast cancer pre-vivor and survivor (rare but it’s a thing) and a staunch advocate of breast health.

I find humor in mostly everything which is important because, as I mentioned, I am currently the captain of a ship that has teens on board.

Former  fashion marketing director, copy editor, cookie designer and PTA president . Current blogger, freelance writer and guest writer on the parenting website http://www.sammichespsychemeds.com and regular contributor to the London based family magazine Yallah. Writing is my passion so please get in touch if you’d like to work with me!

The daily energy I expend outsmarting my teenage kids is equivalent to  a 2 hour spin class done at a very high altitude, but more recently I’ve found my outlet in brain dumping into my blog. And writing a book about that whole breast cancer episode. Welcome and enjoy!