Gila Pfeffer is a Jewish American writer and humorist currently living in the UK with her husband and four teenaged children. She writes relatable personal essays in the parenting, lifestyle and breast cancer spaces and co-authored the book I Just Want to Hang Out With You, part of a NYT best selling series.

Gila is a 13-year breast cancer previvor AND survivor (like Angelia Jolie but with less press coverage) and she uses her social media platforms to promote breast cancer prevention. She posts a tongue-in-cheek “Feel It On The First” post every first of the month on her Instagram, using humor and honesty to remind her audience to prioritize their breast health and do a self-exam.

Her work can be found on Grown & Flown, Momtastic, AARP among others, as well as the humor publications McSweeney’s, Points In Case, The Haven, Greener Pastures and more.  

Gila is currently writing a reluctantly inspirational, searingly honest collection of essays about outsmarting her genetic destiny with chutzpah, humor and a commitment to her faith.

Connect with Gila on her social channels:

IG: @gilapfeffer

Twitter: @gilapfeffer 

Tik Tok: @gilapfeffer

Medium: @gila.pfeffer

Facebook: The Mom Who Knew Too Much