Mother’s Day? None For Me, Thanks

This year marks the twentieth Mother’s Day since I became a mother. My parenthood has gone through as many iterations as my kids have. Ever-evolving over two decades, shape shifting in tandem with the needs of my brood of four as they shed each stage of childhood and move on to the next. They are … Continue reading Mother’s Day? None For Me, Thanks

The Best Way to Deal With the Present? Make Plans For the Future

On a frigid Tuesday morning in January 2009, I nestled myself into a mauve, medical-grade PVC recliner on the eight floor of a New York City medical building. I was told I’d be there for several hours so I’d brought a book, some snacks and my spiral-bound address book which was a mess and in … Continue reading The Best Way to Deal With the Present? Make Plans For the Future

The Worst Thanksgiving Ever

As a Jewish kid growing up in Staten Island, my favorite thing about Thanksgiving was the no-strings-attached days off from school. Most of our "no school" days were in observance of Jewish festivals such as Rosh Hashana or Pesach, but those days were holy and, as on Shabbat, we didn't drive, use electricity or talk … Continue reading The Worst Thanksgiving Ever

So I Married the Right Guy

My parents’ 20th wedding anniversary was their second to last one. By then my mother had been diagnosed with the breast cancer that would kill her soon after, but I remember my 19-year-old self thinking that 20 years of marriage was a major milestone. By the time I was 20, she was gone. I met … Continue reading So I Married the Right Guy

Happy Surgiversary to Me

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So I thought I’d wait till November to mention it as a way of making sure that my message wasn’t lost in the pink shuffle that is October. Sort of like when you give someone their birthday present a week late. It gets noticed above the other gifts that … Continue reading Happy Surgiversary to Me