An Inconvenient Truth

It’s been offensively long since my last post, I know, but I’ve been taking some time to deal with a shocking revelation. It turns out that I am related to Nahtmee.  And not distantly related, either. Our branches on the family tree actually touch each other.   Here’s how I found out. This past summer … Continue reading An Inconvenient Truth

How I Got My Kids to Listen to Me

My kids have selective hearing. You won’t find this fact surprising because your kids or any others you’ve encountered likely have selective hearing, too. Basic, repeated requests such as ‘Please shut the refrigerator door” or “Don’t leave your wet towel on the floor” go ignored unless I make them at least three times, am no … Continue reading How I Got My Kids to Listen to Me

The Chronicles of Nahtmee-a

I was in New York for six days last week (more on why in my next post)  and some of you may be wondering how my husband and kids fared in my absence. My kids told me that they had a “great time with dad around” and that things were “really fun” which might be … Continue reading The Chronicles of Nahtmee-a

The Unexpected Hazards of a Tragus Piercing

It's my birthday and, in addition to keeping a promise to myself to finally launch this blog after the requisite amount of procrastination , I decided to treat myself (#selfcare) to a pair of earrings at Maria Tash ("the American authority on body piercing")  that I’d been eyeing for a while. I say pair, but … Continue reading The Unexpected Hazards of a Tragus Piercing